Lili Reinhart

Birthplace: Ohio - USABuy from iTunes


Lili Reinhart is a rising actress/singer/dancer from Cleveland, Ohio. Starting out in local community & musical theatre, she developed interest in film and television while making her own short videos with her friends and family. Lili got her first break in early 2010 when she was selected to play the lead role in the upcoming PBS TV series "Scientastic" (scheduled to air in the fall of 2010), within months of filming the pilot, Lili landed two leading roles in feature films, playing Lilith in Sridhar Reddy's "Lilith" (2011) and the lead in JC Schroder's post-apocalyptic thriller "Forever's End" (2013).

Lili's passion to entertain, however, goes beyond just acting, her first two singles "Watch This Space" and "Sunshine Parade", both collaborations with award-winning Australian songwriter Lindsay Rimes and LA-based music producer Monique Roy, were recorded in Nashville in April 2010 and are already featured songs on Tween Pop Radio. Lili is also an avid dancer, taking lessons & performing since she was three.

Lili was in the Amazon-made production "Cocked" in early 2015 and was a lead in the 2014 TV Series "Surviving Jack".