Giuliana Lojodice

Birthplace: Bari, Italy


Especially renowned actress ofᅡᅠtheaterᅡᅠandᅡᅠtelevisionᅡᅠ, has shot a few films, some of them famous, however, asᅡᅠthe sweet lifeᅡᅠofᅡᅠFederico Felliniᅡᅠ,ᅡᅠLife is BeautifulbyᅡᅠRoberto Benigniᅡᅠ,ᅡᅠOut of this worldᅡᅠofᅡᅠGiuseppe Piccioniᅡᅠ, andᅡᅠreconciledᅡᅠtoᅡᅠRosalia Polizziᅡᅠ.ᅡᅠIn 2004, lends his voice to the "Dream" on tour "Catch the Dream" by Renato Zero. In life and on stage, was the girlfriend of actorᅡᅠHarold Tieriᅡᅠ, after the end of her marriage to the actor and impresarioᅡᅠMario Chiocchioᅡᅠfrom whom he had two sons.ᅡᅠ