Darrell Waltrip

Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA Buy from iTunes


In his early days he was always booed by the fans. One day he said "Meet me at The Big K" and we can duke it out". K-Mart later became a sponsor.

His last race as an owner/driver he drove an all white Chevrolet Monte Carlo called the 'Tim Flock Special'. He donated the prize money to racing legend Tim Flock who was sick at the time to help with medical expenses. Tim's car number in 1955, and 1956 was 300. Darrell wanted to use this number on the car, but NASCAR rules only allow two digit numbers on the cars. So he had to take 300 off of the car, and use his number 17. The next race, he drove for Dale Earnhardt Inc, car number 1, for most of the season until Steve Park recovered from injuries from a crash at Atlanta. The irony here is Darrell, and Dale never really got along with each other before this.

Tied for third in NASCAR's all-time win list with Bobby Allison. Hoped to get at least one more win before he retired.