Christian Taylor


Christian Taylor (born in the state of Illinois, United States) is a gay pornographic actor (porn star) who makes pornographic movies. Taylor, after being 'discovered' by gay porn director Kevin Clarke, started his career in early 1999 at Junior Studio (an American gay porn studio specializing in videos starring young twinks). A few months later, he also performed in videos produced by Falcon Studios, Jet Set Productions, and Men of Odyssey. Taylor entered the porn industry together with his then boy friend Ashton Ryan, with whom he co-starred in The American Way.

Due to his innocent and sweet looks, as a typical blond floppy haired 'boy next door', no older (in looks) than 18 years, Taylor was soon one of the heartthrobs of the twink-loving public. This popularity was also contributed to his special 'smile' when taking facials. Shortly after his debut in 'The American Way', he was nominated as 'newcomer of the year' in the 2000 GayVN Awards.

Taylor ended his career in porn after only a few years, moving on to a 'normal' life as a college student in Iowa. Taylor was reportedly the first to take a same sex date to the prom in the state of Iowa.

Taylor, Christian