Amerigo Fontani

Birthplace: Florence, italy


Born inᅡᅠFlorenceᅡᅠ, a graduate of the stage actor's theater workshopᅡᅠVittorio Gassmanᅡᅠinᅡᅠ1979ᅡᅠ. He also starred in the movies filmsᅡᅠLife is Beautifulᅡᅠofᅡᅠ1997ᅡᅠ(where he playsᅡᅠRodolfo,ᅡᅠhis rival in love withᅡᅠRoberto Benigniᅡᅠ),ᅡᅠthe third starᅡᅠin theᅡᅠ2004ᅡᅠhunting seasonᅡᅠinᅡᅠ2008ᅡᅠand "The Suite" 2010 On television he played the role ofᅡᅠClaudiusᅡᅠin theᅡᅠMercalliᅡᅠsoap operasᅡᅠliveᅡᅠinᅡᅠ2003ᅡᅠand, since Novemberᅡᅠ2008ᅡᅠ, toᅡᅠMauritiusᅡᅠin the soap operaᅡᅠBassaniᅡᅠCentovetrineᅡᅠuntil the early months of 2010.ᅡᅠThe actor in the soap back in April 2011.ᅡᅠ