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Stronger – Extraordinary Story, Ordinary Storytelling

ICYMI: My earlier review of Stronger from this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Stronger – Extraordinary Story, Ordinary Storytelling

With this new film, we’ve had two recent films involving the Boston Marathon bombing. While Patriots Day dealt with the investigation of the attack and the city of Boston coming together, this film uses the incident as a jumping point (no pun intended) for a standard story about overcoming adversity and redefining one’s self. The story was about a man named Jeff Bauman (Gyllenhaal) who wanted to support his on and off girlfriend Erin (Maslany) by greeting her at the finish line of the Boston Marathon but ended up losing both of his legs in the explosion.

Learning to overcome this predicament definitely wasn’t easy for Bauman. He had to learn to walk again and get over the trauma of the explosion and his newfound celebrity. Not only did he have Erin, he had his very Boston-y family and friends. Gyllenhaal was great as Bauman and his progression throughout the film was compelling to watch. Maslany was great as Erin, she and Gyllenhaal had excellent chemistry which made them exciting to watch together.

Overall, this was a standard fare overcoming adversity/journey of self-discovery film, elevated by the great performances from Gyllenhaal and Maslany.

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