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Agreed; filmmakers don't always do a great job when adapting storylines from amazing videogames. But we can't also deny the existence of a good number of blockbusters that have made it to the big screen.

The adaptation of movies from video games obviously didn't start today. Just before the turn of the last millennium, during the early days of Pong, Hollywood has been producing movies based on video games. However, for most of the time, these movies have failed to achieve the same feat like their game counterparts. In fact, the majority of them are disastrous.

Still, we’ve seen some great movie adaptation of video games, even though the number is too small. These five legendary movies prove that storytelling from video games could still a good idea even though they're not a perfect match.

Mortal Kombat

Release Date: 1995

Based on the storyline of Mortal Kombat 1992 and 1993 video game, the fighting flick by Paul W.S is undoubtedly one of the most successful videogame adaptations in history.

The film was bloody, visceral and incredibly combative, and this made it a major hit upon release. It was able to keep to the original story of the video game with impressive highly physical fights in one scene with no boring moments.

However, the poor acts by the characters and the terrible techno track made the film more of a children show. Overall, the movie is pretty immersive but it's definitely not as good as the videogame.

Resident Evil

Release Date: 2002

Amidst the low expectation of viewers before its release, Resident Evil: Apocalypse still turned out to be shocker. It completely outclassed all its sequels and is still one of the legendary pieces in the apocalyptic genre.

Based on a survival horror video game released in the 90s, this immersive zombie-pocalypse is undoubtedly one of the best horror flicks to have ever made it to the big screen. The movie is incredibly emotional and filled with a lot of solid action. You will quickly get hooked even if you don't know anything about the source material.

Compared to the video game, Resident Evil (Apocalypse) is pretty more evocative, which makes it even more fun.

Street Fighter

Release Date: 1994

Street Fighter is unarguably one of the best entertaining thrillers to have ever come out from a videogame. While it isn't as immersive as the original arcade fighting game, this film still commands a lot of attention.

Perhaps it is the well mastered portrayal of Bison by Raul Julia that made this movie very delightful to watch. However, Ming-Na Wen could have done better with her role.


Release Date: 2005

Yet again, Karl Urban was able to put up an impressive performance after his exploits in classics like Dredd and Star Trek.

Doom is a solid horror flick based on a first person shooter game that was released in 1993.

While the film might not be popular like the game, it's still a blockbuster and definitely deserves more praise. However, the Rock could have done better with his role.

Max Payne

Release Date: 2008

Admittedly, Max Payne came in a period when the bullet-time gunplay was no longer taken seriously. But the movie still turned out to be pretty intriguing.

Max Payne is a satanic noir movie of a downtrodden cop who seeks to discover the killers of his family. The move was adapted from on an amazing third-person shooter game that featured the best action flicks from Hong Kong.

Without doubts, the game was more successful, but the movie wasn't bad either. Like we said earlier, the problem could have been the timing.

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