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Battle of the Sexes – A Gripping, Feel-Good Sports Dramedy

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Battle of the Sexes – A Gripping, Feel-Good Sports Dramedy

Most people know about the famous 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs called The Battle of the Sexes but there was a lot going into it historically speaking. Both had reasons to win the match with King (Stone) wanting to prove to the male tennis establishment that women were equal and Riggs (Carell), as part of that establishment, perhaps wanted to maintain the status quo while solving his own problems. Now there was more to the film than the tennis match as the female tennis players had to endure sexism and other challenges while trying to establish a place for themselves.

Battle of the sexes

King was a compelling character to watch and very easy to root for even though again, most people that are old enough will already know the outcome. Knowing the result did not make it any less exciting to watch. The story was both funny and touching at times thanks to the performances by Stone and Carell. Stone was excellent as the determined King while Carell excelled as the over the top Riggs. They complemented each other and were fun to watch together.

Battle of the Sexes

Overall, this was a gripping, feel-good film anchored by excellent performances from Stone and Carell.

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