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Movie Showtimes

Jungle Book

PG * 1hr 45 min

No Green Or Red Tickets

Jason Bourne

PG-13 * 2hrs 03 min


Ice Age: Collision Course

PG * 1hr 34 min

Closed Captions

Ben Hur

NR * 2hrs 21 min

Sausage Party

R * 1hr 29 min

Star Trek Beyond

NR * 2hrs 02 min

Closed Captions

Suicide Squad

PG-13 * 2hrs 10 min

Closed Captions

Closed Captions;RealD 3D

Kubo And The Two Strings

NR * 1hr 41 min

AMC Independent;Closed Captions

AMC Independent;Closed Captions;RealD 3D

Pete's Dragon

PG * 1hr 43 min

Closed Captions;No Green Or Red Tickets

Closed Captions;No Green Or Red Tickets;RealD 3D

Southside With You

PG-13 *

AMC Independent;Closed Captions

Nine Lives

PG * 1hr 27 min

War Dogs

R * 1hr 54 min

Lights Out

PG-13 * 1hr 21 min

Closed Captions

King And I (1956) Presented By Tcm

G * 2hrs 25 min

Alternative Content


R * 1hr 40 min

AMC Independent;Closed Captions

Hands Of Stone

NR * 1hr 45 min


PG-13 * 1hr 36 min

Closed Captions

Bad Moms

R * 1hr 41 min

Hell Or High Water

R * 1hr 42 min

AMC Independent;Closed Captions


R * 1hr 50 min

AMC Independent;Closed Captions


PG * 2hrs 10 min

Time Raiders

* 2hrs 03 min

AMC Independent;English Subtitles;Mandarin

AMC Independent;English Subtitles;Mandarin;RealD 3D

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