Uschi Digard

Uschi Digard


in Saltsjö-Duvnäs


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Uschi Digard is a former softcore porn star and model mostly known for her roles in Russ Meyer films. She was born in Switzerland of Swiss-French heritage. According to the introduction to the only known interview with her, at Rialto Report: "She was an indestructible, formidable pin up beauty who was emblematic of the sexual revolution in California. From the late 1960s through to the early 1980s, she was in hundreds of magazine spreads, had many issues dedicated to her, and appeared in countless softcore films. Her Amazonian features and natural good looks meant that she was always in demand as she proved popular with fans. Or in the words of director Russ Meyer, her close friend and frequent collaborator, she was a "buxom cantilevered barracuda" who was a 'Trojan' at work. Russ was a man’s man, a World War 2 veteran, and a tough task master, and in Uschi he met his match and found the perfect foil. The combination of her sex appeal with her unsentimental, tireless work ethic resulted in a close friendship that lasted decades. But for someone with such a larger than life presence, Uschi was also elusive and deeply private.