Shannon Marie Woodward

Shannon Marie Woodward


in Phoenix


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<p>Shannon Woodward is an American actress best known for playing Di Di Malloy on cable network FX's The Riches. Shannon Woodward was born on December 17, 1984, in Phoenix, Arizona. As a child, she moved with her family to Florida, where she attended Olympic Heights Community High School. There she began acting and later caught the attention of a casting director for Nickelodeon&#8217;s Clarissa Explains It All. Besides acting, Shannon plays guitar and sings. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, California. She has been in a long term relationship with American actor, Andrew Garfield. While living in Florida with her family, Shannon starred in several local community plays. Her first on-screen acting job came in 1991 when she played the occasionally recurring role of Missy on cable network Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All. According to the Internet Movie Database, she would reprise this role two more times during the show's five season run. After her sit-com debut, Shannon won small parts in a trio of made-for-TV movies. First, alongside Clarissa star Melissa Joan Hart in the 1995 made-for-tv drama Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare. Then in 1995 she played Lucy her second</p>