Rutherford Cravens

Rutherford Cravens



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Rutherford "Ruddy" Cravens is an American TV movies and series actor, whose filmography also includes some theatrical movies like RoboCop 2, Friday Night Lights, Ray, "Temple Grandin and No Country for Old Men. Rutherford has had leading roles in several films including Steve McCurdy's The Hidden Jungle and Warren Chaney's America: A Call to Greatness where he received favorable reviews for his portrayal of the American Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. The majority of Rutherford Craven's work has been on stage theatrical. Rutherford Cravens appears annually in the Houston Shakespeare Festival. He eventually became the Executive Director of The Shakespeare Globe Centre of the Southwest which produces Shakespeare Outreach and is housed in the University of Houston School of Theatre, where he also teaches courses in acting. In addition he is one of the principle theatrical directors at Houston's Main Street. Theater.