Ruth Ford

Ruth Ford


in Brookhaven


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<p>Ruth Ford (July 7, 1911, Brookhaven, Mississippi &#8211; August 12, 2009, New York City) was an American model and stage and film actress. Her brother was the bohemian surrealist Charles Henri Ford. Their parents managed the Tennessee Hotel in Clarksville, Tennessee. As a model she posed for Harper's, Town and Country and Mademoiselle. She married actor Peter Van Eyck in the 1940s, but the marriage was unsuccessful. Van Eyck was the father of her daughter, Shelley, who was born in 1941. Prior to Ford's trip west to Hollywood she was a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre. Welles' assistance helped her to land contracts with Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. studios. Ford later married film star Zachary Scott and they remained together until Scott's death in 1965. Scott adopted Shelley, who took the name Shelley Scott. Zachary Scott reportedly died penniless except for a $100,000 insurance policy he left his widow. In May 2010 it was reported, originally in The Wall Street Journal, that Ford's estate had been worth $8.4 million dollars, mostly from two apartments she owned in the famous apartment building The Dakota in Manhattan, where she died at the age of 98 in 2009. One of the</p>