Murray Bartlett

Murray Bartlett


in Perth


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<p>Murray Bartlett (born 20 March 1971, Sydney) is an Australian actor. Raised in Perth, Western Australia, he pursued an acting career in his native Australia for several years, including a high-profile role in the Australian series headLand. In 1993 he played con man Luke Foster in Neighbours. In 2000, Bartlett relocated to the United States. His first big break there came a few years later, when he was cast as a guest star in the HBO series Sex and the City. He may be best-known for as "D.K." on Farscape. In 2006, Bartlett toured with Hugh Jackman in the Australian touring company production of Jackman's Broadway hit The Boy From Oz. From March 2007 until the show's cancellation, Bartlett was a cast member on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light, where he played Cyrus Foley.</p>