Miguel Angel Suarez

Miguel Angel Suarez


in San Juan


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<p>Miguel &#193;ngel Su&#225;rez (July 5, 1939 &#8211; April 1, 2009) was a Puerto Rican soap opera and movie actor. Su&#225;rez and his sister were born into a middle class family and raised in the Santurce section of San Juan, Puerto Rico. His father worked at a local supermarket and his mother was a housewife. When Su&#225;rez was a child, he went with his mother to see a play. This was his first experience with the theater and Su&#225;rez was so impressed that after the curtains rose and the actors did their show, he knew that he wanted to become an actor. Su&#225;rez went to school and received his primary and secondary education in his hometown. When Su&#225;rez and his sister returned from school, their mother would read stories or prepare little plays which helped to develop their imagination. The supermarket where the elder Su&#225;rez worked was located next to the radio station "Radio El Mundo". Manuel M&#233;ndez Ballester, a well known playwright, who worked as a writer for the radio station, would frequently visit the supermarket and Su&#225;rez's father soon became friends with Ballester. In 1947, Ballester told the elder Su&#225;rez that he was in need of an 8-year-old for the protagonist role in a play that he wrote, because</p>