Laurel Scheaf

Laurel Scheaf


in United States of America


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Laurel Scheaf (Pictured) is a former schoolteacher, and current "Landmark Forum Leader." Scheaf first began working for Werner Erhard in 1967, going door-to-door with Erhard selling books for Grolier Society Inc. in San Francisco. She then helped recruit customers for his Mind Dynamics course. She later was president of Erhard Seminars Training, while leading Erhard Seminars training courses :In the past she has frequently served Erhard as a constant defender, insuring that all those within his organizations spoke positively of him : In 2006, Scheaf (Pictured) appeared alongside mentor Werner Erhard and fellow Landmark Forum Leader Randy McNamara (Pictured), in the Robyn Symon documentary: Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard.