Jody Lawrance

Jody Lawrance


in Fort Worth


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<p>Jody Lawrance (October 19, 1930&#8211;July 10, 1986), whose birth name was Nona Josephine Goddard , was an American actor who starred in many Hollywood adventures during the '50s through the early '60s. Born Nona Josephine Goddard in Fort Worth, Texas, to Ervin Silliman "Doc" and Eleanor Goddard, n&#233;e Roeck. In 1935 Marilyn Monroe moved in with newlyweds Grace McKee and Ervin Goddard in Van Nuys, California and becomes her foster sister. As a teenager, Jody attended Beverly Hills High School and The Hollywood Professional School training as an actor with Bento Schneider. In 1946, Jody performed as a swimmer in the Larry Crosby Water Show. In 1949 she adopted the Screen name Jody (short for Josephine) Lawrance (her maternal Grandmother's maiden name) for her first role as Mary on The Silver Theater television show. Her first big break came in 1949 when she was signed to a 7 year contract with Columbia Pictures, earning $250 per week. In 1951, Jody made her screen debut in Mask of the Avenger starring John Derek. The Family Secret was her second film, again starring John Derek and Lee J. Cobb. Ten Tall Men starring Burt Lancaster premiered in October 1951. As the leading lady in three major</p>