Faramarz Gharibian

Faramarz Gharibian


in Tehran


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Faramarz Gharibian, Actor and Director, Born November 17, 1941, Tehran, Iran. Learning film acting in the School of Visual Arts, US, he started his career with a short role in Come Stranger. His professional debut was Soil. In most of his films, he’s played the role of resolute men who for achieving their goals or preserving their ideals, have the potential of facing conflict and put up with difficulties and dangers. He has some adventure films in his career and also directed three feature films, Duel in Tasuki, Law and Her Eyes. Gharibian has been nominated for the prize of Best Actor, and has won the prize for Train, Misty Harbor and The Rain Man from Fajr Intl. Film Festival. In recent years he has won international awards from around the world. He won the award for Best Actor at the 25th Moscow International Film Festival and Asia Pacific Film Festival for Dancing in the Dust, he also won the Special Jury Priiz in the Indiana Film Festival for The Beautiful City.