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Dogge Doggelito



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<p>Dogge Doggelito (born as Douglas Leon on 24 July 1975) is a Swedish rapper, lecturer, social commentator and author. He is one of the founders of one of the most successful rap groups The Latin Kings. Doggelito is one of the most acclaimed artists in Sweden. His texts are usually about how to meet racism in the daily life. Douglas Leon was born in Alby, Norra Botkyrka in Stockholm 1975 to a Venezuelan father and a Swedish Mother. He grew up in the 80&#180;s and came familiar to hip hop in an early age and sooner or later it became a big part in his life. He started to rap in 1986. He participated in rap contests(came in 3rd place in Rap SM with his group The Latin Kings)-- and also in his teens he was a member in a break dance group. His brother also had big influence on him towards a career in rap music. Dogge Doggeltio formed his rap group The Latin Kings with his friends; the brothers Chepe (Christian Salazar Campos) and Salla (Hugo Salazar Campos). They formed the group in 1991 and came 3rd in a rap contest in 1992. Their breakthrough came in 1994 when they, with the help of the producer Gordon Cyrus, released their first album V&#228;lkommen till f&#246;rorten. The album received huge</p>