Christopher Villiers

Christopher Villiers


in London


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Christopher Francis Villiers is an English actor, screenwriter and producer. Villiers was born in London, the son of Wing commander David Hugh Villiers by his second wife, Elizabeth Barbara. He is a descendant of the Right Reverend Henry Villiers, Bishop of Durham from 1860-61, brother of George Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon, and Charles Pelham Villiers. He is the brother of Cat Villiers, a film producer, and Jay Villiers, also an actor. He was educated at Stowe. Villiers may be best-known for his former role on Emmerdale, in which he played Grayson Sinclair. He played Captain Nigel Croker in Mile High and appeared in such films as The Scarlet Pimpernel, Top Secret!, and First Knight. In 2003 he co-wrote and co-produced the critically well-received British feature film, Two Men Went to War. In 1983, he starred in Sweet Sixteen with Penelope Keith and in 1998 he had a minor part in Sliding Doors. In 1996 he had a significant role in Sharpe's Siege. He has also appeared in an episode of Adventure Inc. when filming transferred to the UK for four episodes. He is also a script writer. In 2009 he was seen in the five part drama series Collision for ITV.