Brandon DiCamillo

Brandon DiCamillo


in West Chester


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<p>Brandon Ralph DiCamillo (born November 15, 1976 in West Chester, Pennsylvania; also known as "Dico") is an American actor, stuntman and screenwriter. He was a founding member of the CKY Crew and rose to fame through appearances in the CKY video series and MTV's Jackass, Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union. He previously worked for Neiman-Marcus, and is the co-writer with Bam for the CKY videos and Haggard. He dislikes Hollywood work, and has said that the CKY work for MTV was sometimes "too corporate." In addition, DiCamillo is also a comedic voice talent and vocalist with the band Gnarkill. DiCamillo is also well-known for his prank calls and freestyle raps, some of which can be viewed in the CKY movies, on the CKY Vol. 2 CD, and on the Otimen Recording Hell CD produced by Bam Margera. He is referred to as "Dico," "Deek," "D-Cup" and "Bran" on Viva La Bam and Radio Bam.</p>